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About Airbrush Art Shop

JD, the artist behind Airbrush Art Shop, has been a professional artist for over 18 years. He works at county fairs, mall shows, and does freelance murals and custom art such as what is featured in the gallery. As you will see, JD offers affordable quality art to highly detailed art, depending on what you want. There is usually a 3 day turnover time for most work, but during the summer (especially during July and August) JD may be working at fair or festival out of town. Please e-mail for availability and also any current specials being offered! JD gets great prices on leather, denim, etc. through out the year the year and can pass these great deals on to you! Airbrush Art Shop offers a full line of all airbrushing items including hats, mailboxes, even toilet seat covers are hot to paint art on!

JD also does the same shows year after year, and has a great following with 1000's of satisfied customers, who knows he will go the extra mile to turn out high quality art! With Airbrush Art Shop, you can expect prompt, courteous, professional service! Got art?

Contact Airbrush Art Shop

You can contact Airbrush Art Shop by calling 607-843-9197 or by e-mailing Please note that during the summer JD may be out working at a show and might not be able to respond for a few days.